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A story of freshness


Meet Devorah

Deborah Seewald (owner and formulator, Devorah Naturals)

Raised in Chicago, Deborah now calls Pittsburgh, PA her home.  Her love for the living world was nurtured early in life through hiking, bike riding and outdoor exploration.  Planting and harvesting the family’s garden reinforced her connection to nature.

The desire for body care more connected to the power of nature, led Deborah to cosmetic chemistry courses where she learned to formulate her products, botanically based skin care that contain safe ingredients beneficial to the skin.  She enjoys creating luxurious handcrafted soaps and body care that touch the senses in many ways.

Initially, made for friends and family, production has expanded to include private label, placement in retail outlets and direct sales through markets and her website.

When not formulating product, Deborah can be found hiking, reading or enjoying her children and grandchildren. 


Deborah is associated with:


The Organic Trade Association

The Green Product Alliance

Green America (formerly Co-Op America)

The Natural Perfumer's Guild

The Handmade Beauty Network

The Handcrafted Soap Maker’s Guild

The Advisory Panel of the Natural Ingredient Resource Center

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